Mon 10 Jun 13

A few current photos from around the homestead. Chard and spinach falling all over each other in the garden. Tomatoes and peppers surging in the warm weather.

Walla walla sweet onions and romaine lettuce. Our new riding lawnmower (has cut the yard mowing time by probably about a two-thirds).

Cherry season! Almost, at least. I’ve been picking nearly-ripe cherries for the past few days. Tart, but still awesome.

4 thoughts on “Mon 10 Jun 13

  1. ZDad

    Your gardens look great. What do your dogs think of them? “Woof” to the dogs from Spike.

  2. Josh Post author

    They’ve been pretty good about keeping out of the raised beds with leafy plants. The onion bed occasionally gets trampled by an ill-advised leap. And I’m guessing they’ll try to eat the tomatoes once they start to ripen.

  3. JOZ

    You’ve come a long way from running barefoot pushing the old blade mower over the big lawn on Perkins !

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