Sat 24 Aug 13

The newest additions to our summer fun options, courtesy of Craigslist. I bought the Dagger Super Ego a couple months ago and finally used it for the first time last weekend for a couple hours of paddling the Yakima River canyon. And then picked up the Jackson 4 Fun this afternoon from a guy in Wenatchee. They’re both older and fairly beat up, but for whitewater kayaks that are going to be crunching on rocks anyway, it’s nice not to pay for pristine plastic.

Summer should be hanging around for another month or so, so hopefully we’ll get a little use out of the kayaks still this year. It mostly feels like summer around here, though there are hints of fall on the way. Cooler nights, a shrinking garden, and a few leaves starting to brown on the trees. The dogs are still playing in the sprinklers though and we’ve been eating like summer (everything pictured below except the chicken is from our garden).

2 thoughts on “Sat 24 Aug 13

  1. ZDad

    We have around 60 chickens and have been eating two a week for Sunday lunch (grilled over charcoal). I highly recommend you add some chickens to your back yard and then your dinner plate picture will be complete. (Your photo does look good enough to eat right off of the screen though.)

  2. Josh Post author

    I’d like to have chickens, but I don’t think I’d have have the heart to butcher them after watching them run around the yard.

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