Fri 27 Feb 2015

A few projects from last weekend. Transplanted a couple viburnum plants to the front landscaping. Should fill in the space a lot better – dogs for scale.

Finally got around to putting in the last window that I had sitting in the garage over the winter. Maybe “winter” isn’t the right word as you can see by the open sash. Upstairs bedroom, went in pretty quickly with most of time spent caulking and painting. Also rebuilt the deck stairs. The old stairs were wobbly and had a little bit of ground-contact rotting at the bottom step. This new setup is nicely cemented in place. Still need to add a hand railing.

In the stair photo, you can also see a new basement window and window well that I put in last fall. That entire side of the house has had a makeover. Depending on motivation, I might add a another patio walkway here too from the front of the house to the back deck.