23 Feb 05

I can’t really describe the joy I get watching these two bound around in open space. Their free-spirited playfulness seems to transfer straight into my own heart.

Everything is right when you’re watching a graceful bounce or change in direction of a creature moving in its design. They take turns chasing each other, but it works best when Taylor is the follower (as Trammell just closes the gap in a matter of seconds and barrels Taylor into the snow).

Trammell looks a little cold with his pink muzzle, but photogenic nonetheless. Both dogs seem to have adapted nicely to the winter cold. The dogs shivered through the first couple weeks freezing weather, but now don’t even seem to notice. Of course the sunny day helped too.

We throw snow balls and Trammell chases or catches. If you’re on the ground, look out, Taylor will come sprinting from wherever she is just to leap on your chest. Trammell’s always up for some play fighting.