24 Feb 05

I was driving through Ada today looking for a Supercuts when I happened to spot a shop called Hair Co. Hmm, I thought to myself, surely this place must give haircuts and perhaps, just perhaps, they might even be as good as the national chain. So I screeched into the nearest parking lot, hit a u-turn, and pulled up to the Hair Co. As soon as I entered the store I knew I was out of my element. Some trendy looking guy with highlighted spiky hair was buying hair gel products and paying the all-black-clad stylists with a fifty. I stammered out a question about getting “just a regular haircut” and the girl at the front desk nodded excitedly and asked if I needed one right now. She then led me back to a white leather chair, tilted the chair back, and had me rest my head over a sink. At this point I still assumed I was getting my normal clippers and scissors haircut, albeit at an angle, so when the hot water hit my head it caught me by surprise. Turned into a great surprise though. I never knew how nice it could feel to have someone else shampoo and massage your scalp. After this unfortunately it was just a normal haircut until I was checking out and told I owed eighteen dollars. Oh well, maybe it was worth it for the experience. Next month I’m going to keep driving until I find that Supercuts.