27 Feb 05

Generally I greet the greeters at grocery stores. I’d say nine out of ten times I say hi and give a head nod. This seems like common courtesy to give a grey-haired old lady who by all means should be living it up in Florida or at the very least at home working on her scrap book. I didn’t today though. I was in a hurry and not really paying attention. Just walked right by. She might even have said hi to me. I couldn’t tell you. I really was that oblivious to her presence until I thought about it about ten seconds later. And I thought to myself here’s yet another job that would leave me so filled with hate toward humanity by the end of my shift that I’d probably end up screaming at every person who ignored me. Think your too good for the greeter?! Too good to turn your head slightly to the right as you rush by?! I’d start shoving carts toward people’s shins. Actually, my first job was a grocery bagger at Meijer. I’m sure people ignored me then but I probably wasn’t cynical enough to care yet.