Wed 4 Jan 06

It’s a tough thing to catch on film. Especially when that film really isn’t film and also has a consistently annoying delay on flash of the digital camera you’re using. You know, those moments where the moment itself seems equal parts crisp/sharp and weighty/dense. Where your senses seem super-heightened, but only heightened to super-perceive that thing or feeling you happen to be focused on. Everything else is sort of blurred or muted. I get this a lot while watching my dogs. Little flashes of joy.

I think I just watched Nora have a little dog moment like that. She was sitting upright in the living room with her body pressed against the heat vent, looking very much lost in thought. Not shifting at all, just upright, level head, staring forward, lost in the warm blast of air. I called out quietly, “Nora. Hey Nora.” And she stared for another second before tilting her head, looking around a little as if trying to figure out how that sound had got into her head, and finally looking my direction. Made my day.

It’s been so fun watching her personality emerge. I’ve never seen a dog so aware of her own surroundings. She hears sounds on TV and notices music playing on my computer. When she looks at you she really looks at you, making eye contact for as long as you’re willing to hold it. A couple days ago we were running around the golf course when a plane flew overhead, prompting Nora to look up and watch it until it was out of sight. I’ve never seen a dog do that before. Hopefully it’s not just a puppy phase.

But anyway, back to my opening sentence, since I’m unable to catch any of those soul-tingling moments via the digital, here are some dog action shots.