Thu 5 Jan 06

Today marks thirteen consecutive days without sunshine in Grand Rapids. Thirteen. Days. No sun. None. Not mostly cloudy. Not cloudy all day, but the sun peaked though for half an hour in the afternoon. Not cloudy but you can make out a little blue in the sky. None. Grey skies all day every day for two weeks. And it’s also some impressive figure like 23 of the last 24 days with zero sun. It’s been spectacularly depressing and I hate it. I really don’t want to go through another Michigan winter ever. And I think I mean it this time. Ever.

I freaked out a little last night thinking about it and spent a couple hours during the Rose Bowl trying to determine how to make a potentially ideal city a reality. I’ve narrowed my list down (after the initial idealistic rush of “we should move to a tropical paradise”) to a select half dozen locales that I think I could be happy in. And a couple frontrunners. Nothing’s ready for the grand revelation yet, but wheels are in motion (at least in my head if nothing else). Mary, for her part, is always up for some spice, so at this point the only potential roadblock is apathy. Of course I can fight that easily enough just by glancing up at the sky every day.

I just checked our local forcast and spotted a new Grand Rapids weather blurb (check out the pic below), though hey, look at the forecast. Little tiny half suns.