Thu 2 Feb 06

Trammell was upset this afternoon when I wouldn’t let him outside with the other two dogs. He was sitting by me by the back door while I looked out of the window watching Taylor and Nora run around. He looked up at me and whimpered a few times then did something that made me intensely happy. He reached up his paw and batted at the door knob a couple of times. Smart pooch.

I feel pretty good about my productivity level for the past two days. And by productivity I mean how much fun I had. What else would that mean? Yesterday I took the dogs out for a run in the morning, then played a couple hours of fairly intense full-court basketball, followed up by some light soccer, and later spent a couple hours at the beach surfing and running around in the sand. Finished the evening mellowing out playing video games. Then today I took the dogs out again in the morning, played two hours of raquetball and swam a kilometer at the YMCA, stopped at the library, and took the dogs out again when I got home. Now if I could just find a way to get paid for all of this.