Fri 24 Mar 06

Our bus was stopped at a police check point somewhere around 2 AM where all the Peruvians got off the bus and a couple of girls asked Weaver to hold a pair of shoes for them when they exited the bus. They seemed a little panicked and Weaver refuesed to hold the shoes. Probably for the best given what could’ve been hidden inside or any number of other equally good reasons.

At 4:45 AM we arrived back in Cusco. I was up for the day, Mark and Weaver still wanted to sleep more, so we returned to Wasichay where they very nicely let us crash for the morning without charge. We only had a two-bed room, which worked out fine. Mark and Weaver slept for about three hours while I showered and watched soccer and Sportscenter on TV.

Mark actually ended up sleeping all day as he was still feeling absolutely awful from whatever he picked up in Bolivia, so it was kind of a slow-paced day for everyone. Weaver and I walked all over the city. I picked up a few final souveniers, trying to avoid having to change out any Peruvian money on the last day. We ate breakfast at a little hole in the wall for $1.50 total for the two of us, walked more, then had lunch at Los Abanicos again. Again excellent.

In the afternoon I washed some of my terrible-smelling clothes and hung them outside of our hostal window, then read for a couple of hours. Mark kept sleeping, occasionally waking just long enough to destroy our bathroom. Weaver and I had dinner near the Plaza and talked a lot of baseball. We had planned to find a pub to watch some college basketball after dinner, but both were so full from dinnner that we ended up just calling it an early night.

Last night in Peru.

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