Sat 25 Mar 06

Nearly literally spent all day in airports. We were at the airport in Cusco by 6:30 AM for our 8 AM flight, then flew to Lima where we had something like a fifteen hour layover. Earlier in the week Mark and I had talked about getting a taxi to the beach for the day, but given his current state, we scrapped that idea. I walked around Lima just outside of the airport by myself for a couple of hours. Getting some air (exhaust-filled) and some significantly cheaper food than what the airport was offering. Read a couple of magazines from cover to cover and played two-man euchre with Mark over and over again. Surprisingly the time actually went fairly quickly. Around 9 PM we grabbed our boarding passes from the Continental ticket counter. Around 11 we went through customs and passed through to the interanational terminal. Tomorrow we’ll be home. I can’t wait.