Thu 6 Apr 06

I’m working sixty-two hours this week. 62! The overtime is nice, but I’m beat. Had today off though. Spent a couple of hours cleaning out the garage and getting rid of a lot of the junk that had accumulated there over the fall and winter. Feels good to be making those steps toward putting up the For Sale sign on the house again.

The funny thing about living in a sort of poor neighborhood is how quickly stuff disappears when when you leave it on the curb. I put a desk out this afternoon with a “free” sign on it and as I turned to walk away a neighbor across the street was already asking me about it. I ended up bringing it over to him since he had a baby in his arms. A couple of hours later a put out a completely non-functioning dryer, covered in brown garbage water stains and missing the entire control panel and lid. Thirty minutes later a guy pulls up in a truck and starts to load it on the back. I walked over and gave him a hand. Scrap metal.

I still haven’t finished updating my trip journal yet (three missing days below, plus adding pictures to the other writeups). Soon, soon.