Tue 30 May 06

So, what’s up with the redesign? In a moment of zen I decided that having two columns was one column too many. Also, I didn’t like the complete hack job I did on WordPress‘ lovely code in the last design. This one is much, much more streamlined. Oh don’t get me wrong, it’s most certainly still a hack job, but at least my clumsiness is a little less overt this time through.

I’m still figuring out how to make everything work to my liking. I like the simplicity of the layout, but I miss my little “now playing” album cover on the side menu. If I can, I’d like to squeeze that back in somewhere, especially given how long it took to get up and running correctly in the first place. Also haven’t made up my mind about the navigation links yet. The mouseover effect is much better now, but the old silvery nav bar seemed a little more cohesive somehow.

Speaking of zen, I’m also tinkering with a really simple, really neat web photo gallery tool, even has a WordPress plugin. Don’t know if anything is going to become of it or if I even really have the web space that make it fully functional, but I do like the idea of being completely self-contained (flickr-free). Nerd!

4 thoughts on “Tue 30 May 06

  1. Josh Post author

    Appreciate it. Noticed one or two of you 64 Tacoers popping in here the last week or so. Width proportions? Are you saying the image and links don’t line up with the main body of text or just that the links are slotted all the way to the right instead of evenly spaced across the page (that’s how they are intended to be justified at the moment)?

  2. Josh Post author

    Oh. That’s probably just the old header image cached in your browser then. I did change the top image, but kept the jpg file name the same. If you reload the image it’ll show up right.

    Sorry about the comment moderation thing. I had options set to allow comments once an old comment was approved. Doesn’t seem to work right though. Just turned that feature off so comments should show up immediately now. Good to know.

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