Wed 31 May 06

After a frenzied cleaning session, we had our second potential buyer come through the house this evening. We know they “like it” but of course that doesn’t always translate into “interested in purchasing.”

Hoping to bump up the buyer traffic now that the holiday weekend is past. We’ve been told that generally there is the most interest right around the third or fourth week a house is on the market. We’ve been out there for less then two. Here’s our MLS link.

If nothing else, our feedback on the house maintenance has been excellent. More a matter of size limitations than anything. It’s reassuring to know that at least on our end we really are doing everything we can to sell this puppy. So now it’s just a matter of the right person/couple coming along.

Also, some hobo moved into our basement for the time being. Just until the big move I suppose. We figure we’ll just tell any potential buyers that he comes with the house.