Tue 6 Jun 06

When you’re a dog with a puny dog brain and gigantic vacant eyes everything is urgent.

  1. My that looks like a delicious burger: Feed me right now before I die!
  2. You’re holding leashes: I’m going to leap in the air every .3 seconds until we go, let’s go already!
  3. My bladder feels slightly full: If you don’t take me out right now I’m pretty sure I’m going to pee all over your Pottery Barn rugs, in the mean time I’m going to whimper like I’m on fire!

The last one is Taylor of course. Whenever she needs to go, she’ll walk up to you put a paw up and whimper pathetically until you move. Trammell is slightly more diginified. He’ll casually saunter over turn around sit down next to you facing away then look up when you scratch his back. Took a while for me to figure that subtle request out. Nora, on the other hand doesn’t know what she’s doing yet. She just loses focus on whatever she’s doing and starts wandering and sniffing, giving you a couple minutes before she ruins another six inch spot of carpet. She hasn’t trained us yet.

Finally got around to making pretty permalinks on this site. After a year and a half. Just a matter of taking the time to figure out how to access my .htaccess file via my webserver.