Sat 10 Jun 06

Staples of a truly excellent day.

  1. No work.
  2. Weather: Mid-sixties, sunny.
  3. Wake up early (7:45ish) and run the dogs at an empty park for an hour.
  4. Fruit smoothie.
  5. Watch some World Cup.
  6. Run to the park, play soccer, knock out some pullups, play soccer, play, play, play, walk home.
  7. Fire up the grill in the backyard, lounge with dogs in the grass, fire-cook some fish, chicken, and corn on the cob.
  8. Watch a little more World Cup, goof around on the Internet.
  9. Play tennis in the park.
  10. Pick up root beer float supplies, drink floats while watching parts of a movie and parts of old soccer match.
  11. Load up all three dogs in car, wander through Chow Hound while dogs gleefully sniff everything.
  12. A little more Internet, a little more ice cream, and off to bed plenty tired.

The key to all of this really is the whole not working part. Of course then we probably couldn’t afford the groceries, root beer supplies, and dog treats.

Starting to make a little headway on the new photos page. Layout is about 95 percent there, now I just need to start loading up pictures into their respective galleries. Should look awfully sharp when everything is all said and done if I do say so myself.

I guess turning pretty permalinks goofed up my comment system. Not that that particularly matters. No clue what the problem is, though I suspect it has something to do with htaccess. I’m thinking it might be a decent time to finally upgrade to WP 2.0 while I have the construction signs up (and which may solve the permalinks problem). Maybe later this week.

No activity whatsoever on the house. We’ll probably have to make a few adjustments ($) in the near future here. Kind of depressing, this whole process.