Sat 17 Jun 06

Holy crow, let the sun stroke begin! It was like 112 degrees today. So, given the brain-melting temperature, I did the only sensible thing. Picked up a gallon of paint from Lowes, planted myself directly in the afternoon sun and spent five hours scraping, priming, and painting part of our house’s peeling exterior. I literally lost eighty seven pounds of sweat. Magnificent!

5 thoughts on “Sat 17 Jun 06

  1. Josh Post author

    I hit ”save” instead of ”publish” after I was finished typing. Actually I was in the middle of typing when I was forced to go out to eat by my lovely wife, so I had to go back last night, finish my thought, and re-timestamp that bugger. I assume that’s what you’re talking about.

  2. Stemshul

    No… I dont think thats what Im talking about. There was a post dated the 16th and its not here anymore. It was about boys preening at the beach with their surfboards and patent attourneys and the like.

    On an unrelated note. How come your apostrophs and quote marks all have \s before them in the comment here?

  3. Josh Post author

    Oh, good question. That’s weird. It shows up on the main page, but not the single post next or previous links. Odd. I have no idea why that would be. Slashes I can only assume are a WordPress bug, because I tried to edit them out like four times and they kept popping up. They only show up after I try to edit a comment though. I suppose if I go back and edit the actual comment HTML, plugging in that goofy code for apostrophes etc, that’d probably solve things. My iTunes plugin that I use on this site has a similar problem, but I always just assumed that that was a plugin issue and not a WP thing.

  4. Josh Post author

    Oh wait, check that. It only shows up on my page because I’m logged in under an admin account. Evidentally, somewhere along the line I unchecked the published radio button and hid that post. Thanks for the heads up.

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