Sun 18 Jun 06

I was driving to work this morning watching a sparrow race along side my car when abruptly I remembered my dream from last night.

In my dream I was standing underneath a crucifix in the sanctuary of some tiny darkly-lit church talking with a kid and a staff from work. I turned sort of angrily away from them and walked toward the back of the building. As I walked, I looked down and saw blood on the floor. Lots of blood. My blood. My first thought in the dream was, stigmata. I checked the palms of my hands and saw a few red smudges that presumably could be construed as blood, but certainly nothing profuse.

I turned around again back toward the front where the other two were standing and suddenly felt this rush go through me. I was jolted slightly from the floor and was lifted a little hesitantly from the ground. I stretched out my arms with the palms open and began floating upward and toward the front of the church. As I did so I felt this scream coming out of my chest, building in pitch and intensity and in the pressure it seemed to be exerting on my rib cage. It didn’t feel exactly like my own scream though and felt very much out of my control. I reached the front of the church, where the scream stopped and I yelled out “See? Now do you believe?”

That’s all I remember and it was all very bizarre.