Tue 29 Aug 06

Sorry about the two posts below. I’ll do my best to update with full details when I get on a better Internet connection than the timelimited and relatively slow Corvallis Public Library connection here.

In short, Ill just say that two days of saltwater surfing at Devil’s Punch Bowl (eight miles north of Newport, OR, which is an hour west of Corvallis) easily confirmed the decision to move to this state. Had an absolute riot! And nothing, repeat nothing, beats peeling off a wetsuit after several hours of getting pummeled by waves and being handed a warm bowl of fresh clam chowder by your wife who has been patiently waiting on the cliffs above. I had a feel-good buzz that lasted the rest of the day yesterday after that.

Also surfed about fifty feet away from either a seal or otter poking it’s head out of the ocean yesterday morning. Very cool.

We just got back from three nights of camping at Beverly Beach State Park, packing up to our first tastes of Oregon rain this morning. Beautiful camping location, though lots of dogs for our own mutts to bark at. 

We also just found out that our rental agreement went through. In about a week we’ll have a 3 bedroom 2.5 bath townhome to live in. Sadly, sans furniture, but it’ll be good anyway. Signed our deposit for the place this morning. Our first official ties to this area. Picked up a Corvallis-Benton County library card this afternoon, my second tie. The attachments are good. For at least a year this’ll be home.