Wed 30 Aug 06

There. One of the surf reports updated below (#15). Some pictures would really help the mental imagery of the coast. Oh well.

Another day in Corvallis. I’m itching for some real leg-stretching exercise and am pretty tired of being cooped up in a hotel. I’ve seen the same college football preview on ESPN far too many times. I can’t wait to drop these dogs in a cage soon and go exploring by bike or running shoe. Should be less than a week.

Mary said her interview went well this morning. I hesitate a little to write that here, because if it doesn’t work out, well, you know, you don’t want people feeling badly for you. Noone wants to feel like they failed at something. I won’t deny though that our hopes are high on this one. It would be a sweet school-year schedule and the foot in the door at an outstanding school district. I’d give it 50-50 odds. We’ll be fine if it doesn’t pan out, but I also won’t complain about having immediate health insurance if it does.

I’ve just begun to look for jobs in the area.