Fri 8 Sep 06

I’m breaking down and getting Comcast high speed Internet. I guess one drawback of living in a city with a population of 4300 is few technology options. Only one phone service provider (some company named Pioneer, we could’ve at least had Qwest in Corvallis) with phone service plus DSL running over fifty bucks a months. At least with Comcast I can get six cheap months, before they rachet things up. It was either that or satellite Internet, also not cheap. Sadly, I had been hoping for Verizon dry loop, but can console myself with the propect of Corvallis rolling out Wi-Max in the fairly new future.

Really no one cares about any of this. Really this is just me saying that in the next week or two (whenever my cable modem shows up) posts should be a little prettier. Get that gallery updated too.

I must say, I forgot how irritating it is looking for a job. I’ve got resumes in at a couple of places. Oregon State Chemistry Dept and a pharmaceutical company. The drug company would be more interesting long-term and would provide the satisfaction of working for a company doing cancer/heart/etc research. But, I think it’s also tough to beat the college work environment. I’m amply qualified for both jobs I applied for, but you know how these things go. I’d be happy with getting one interview out of the two. In the meantime I guess we’ll see what pops up in the Times on Sunday.