Tue 3 Oct 06

Apologies for the sporatic and single-minded nature of the posts lately. I guess maybe I’ve just been trying to avoid writing about the inevitable. It was a fine run though and we had some fun out here. I’ve been surrounded by beauty for a solid two months, had a chance to surf the Pacific next to seals, hike up empty mountain slopes, and get a pretty good feel for part of the country that I knew little about. I did have a job interview yesterday morning with a local biopharmaceutical company that actually went really well, but really this was mostly a formality since other mitigating factors outside of my control are taking precedent right now. Ah well, as they say, life happens.

In the shower this afternoon, I was rinsing the salt water out of my wetsuit, and caught myself thinking a little cosmically. I’ve been hammering through the first season of Lost the past couple of days (a show I watched the first three episodes of when it first came out, but then got sidetracked, and have been surprising ignorant of since… nobody ruin anything for me!). And when you watch a show as good as Lost for hours on end it really sinks its teeth into your psyche. I like the feelings of fate, purpose, and interconnectedness woven into the story. I think I’ve gotten away from those feelings in my own life lately, or at least haven’t stopped to think about them. You slip into these routines and forget that there are bigger things at play in how your life is progressing. Actions you take affect those you know well or just happen to bump into in bigger way, I’m sure, than any of us can imagine.

I also think I feel a lot like John Locke’s charcater, like I’m stuck in a cooker-cutter society that I can function in because I have to, but that I’m also not really fulfilling my purpose for living either. It’s fun to watch his character (at least through the first 17 episodes that I’ve watched) revel in the exploration and the discovery of ways in which he’s useful to the island community. I guess at some point we’re all bumped into that all-important moment that our life has been preparing us for. You know? Things happen for a reason, they have to. I’m in Oregon right now for some reason and wherever next for another reason. At least I hope that’s how it all works.

3 thoughts on “Tue 3 Oct 06

  1. Stemshul

    The wonderful thing about purpose and fate are that you dont have to stop and think about them. They just keep doing their thing. As they say, life happens.

    Its like Heming way said: It is good to have an end to journey toward; but it is the journey that matters, in the end.

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