Wed 4 Oct 06

Well, I was offered the job this morning and turned down the job this afternoon. That’s it. I hate it, but what can you do?

What I did was drive my new car (I probably should’ve mentioned this purchase when I got it a week ago, yup, I drive a station wagon) up to Mary’s Peak and hike up to the summit. This is the highest point on the coastal range in Oregon and was incredibly pretty even with the overcast weather today. Supposedly on a clear day you can see all the way to the Pacific in one direction and major Cascade peaks in the other (including Mt. Ranier in Washington, incredible). Saw the biggest pine trees I’ve ever seen in my life. Neat hike.

2 thoughts on “Wed 4 Oct 06

  1. Malone

    Are you not staying out there? What’s up with the broad statements. Nice car by the way – I don’t know how Mary let you purchase it knowing it will have all the young ladies swooning. Plenty of room for the dogs, though.

    How was game day when UM put the whoopin’ on ND? Trammell had to protect you from the Mary rage, right?

    Your Oregon photos are nice.

    Weaver was in town last weekend – we had the Burgers, Dave, and Matt VW over on Friday – played some Texas Hold’em with chips (no money- which didn’t work the greatest) and had some drinks. Burgers was done after 2. Weaver and I watched the UM game at the Can on Saturday after going to a Chinese buffett.

    According to Weaver, 711 is under new management and has some Calvin girls living there. He’s still with Yadhira – he’s got a myspace account


  2. Josh Post author

    Holy flurry of information! As far as staying out here goes… we’ll see, that’s still in the negotiation process. I love it, but then I don’t miss my family and friends nearly as much as Mary does.

    Yeah, UM/ND, took the fighting spirit out of the mrs pretty early. I think the lack of a stressful 4th quarter kept the bloodshed to a minimum this year.

    Sorry about the comment moderation on your comment there, Malone. I’ve got comment filtering set to filter any comments with external links. Just deleted four Flomax spams after allowing your comment. Of course just by mentioning Flomax I’ve probably unleashed a flurry of more spam.

    I hate My Space, but it might be worth it to bombard Weaver with mockery. I see Matt and Andy have sites too now.

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