Wed 8 Nov 06

Oog. I played full-speed basketball for the first time in months on Monday and could barely walk yesterday. Then played again this afternoon on still tight legs. Tomorrow morning should be amusing.

It’s good to be active again though. I’ve been missing that lately. That solid two hour block of cardio to get some endorphines kicking. Now, I’m ready to get back into a weight room as well. Before everything is completely atrophied.

The weather’s actually been fairly pleasant here for the past week or so. Sixties, reasonably clear skies. Gives the hate a tiny vacation. Makes for good car-cleaning weather.

Last night I was jonesing for for some mind candy so I spent a couple of hours perusing the local library. Broke out Watership Down again, a book I haven’t read since 8th or 9th grade. Good to see you old friend. Oh, and incidentally, I also thinks it’s amazing that you can buy a used copy of that book on Amazon for eleven cents. Sweet, sweet progress.

Also checked out The Five People You Meet in Heaven, a book I for some reason always assumed was another heavy-handed religious book, but, at least through the first fifty or so pages has been nothing of the sort. Kind of works along that whole interconnectedness of humanity theme, a la Lost. Post mortem of course. Good pithy earnest writing thus far too, fine indeed.

I have more to write about my wild book night, but just typing the word “lost” in the paragraph above reminded me that I should probably wander on home from this library and catch the fall finale. Maybe tomorrow. That’s what we in the biz call a cliffhanger.

And, yes, my time stamp below is an hour off.