Wed 14 Feb 07

I don’t watch much TV, but when I do, boy, do I consume it in chunks.

Actually that’s not entirely true as I truly don’t watch any TV these days. I do however watch commercial-free avi videos on my desktop. It’s the only way to fly. Lost just isn’t the same live when all the suspenseful moments are punctuated by K-Fed telling me to shop Nationwide. Even when I’m home on Wednesday nights I purposefully avoid turning on ABC, opting instead to wait a few hours for the online goodness.

Prison Break is the current chunk being consumed. Yes, it’s story-line is a little forced, but the acting is solid, the characters interesting, and the plot fun. I mean who doesn’t want to cheer on criminals escaping from prison? I’ve put away thirty episodes in the past week.

I like the way this singular mass media consumption ends up permeating everything. I find myself dreaming Prison Break dreams, thinking about Prison Break twists while driving, wishing I were watching Prison Break while writing blog posts. I know that sounds oddly obsessive, but it also is somehow appropriately fulfilling of the whole purpose of any good story-telling medium. Sweet escapism.

Anyway, if you haven’t watched it yet, go find the first DVD at your local library or something.

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