Sun 25 Feb 07

I’ve been in a funky mood lately. Maybe tormented is the word. Or maybe I just complain a lot. Maybe it’s been the freakish cold (that is just now taking a hiatus) or the fact that I can feel a mass employee exodus beginning at work as things begin to crazify again or the fact that my surfboard has been laying in the living room untouched for months now or that every movie I seem to stumble across seems to exhort me “do what you like” (yeah, you, Little Miss Sunshine). I’m working too hard for I job that doesn’t love me back and doesn’t pay me enough for the stress I’m exposed to. I’m living in a city that makes me sad with it’s cloud-cover bonanza. My skin is always cold. And my National Geographic Adventure magazine doesn’t show up nearly frequently enough for my liking. See how easily the complaints flow?

Today was okay though. I try to take in one decent high school wrestling tournament a year and today was that day. Mary and I drove out to East Kentwood High School for the Division 1 individual regional wrestling finals. And, well, it was a fairly spectacular display of quality wrestling. Half a dozen powerhouse teams. At least that many future state champions in action. Some insanely amusing matches (a stunning pin by a wrestler losing 12-1 late in the third period to qualify for state, a winning takedown with 5 seconds left in a match of the top two wrestlers in that state at a weight class, three consecutive manhandlings by the pound-for-pound best wrestler in the state – pin, TF, TF).

For a day at least it was good to be make in a warm gym full of those wrestling smells and sounds. I miss being around it.