Mon 26 Feb 07

Minor site redesign, mostly involving the header. I feel like it looks a little “cleaner” than before. But then what do I know? The image above is from a surfing day that didn’t quite happen out in Grand Haven in November of ’05.

4 thoughts on “Mon 26 Feb 07

  1. Josh Post author

    Sort of. They look more offset left on my screen, but yes they are not justified to the left or right. They will eventually be shifted further to the left probably another 20-30 px or so, which will make it look a little more standard. Just didn’t get to tweaking that up yet.

  2. Stemshul

    Today they look different, in their own boxes now. Yesterday they were stacked on one another floating on the background. Perhaps my cookies did that. How can such a tasty treat cause so many problems?

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