Wed 14 Mar 07

Happy Pi Day everyone!

Well, we’ve had two straight days of reasonably lovely weather here in GR. Upper fifties, low sixties. Nothing spectacular, but at least the snow is nearly melted in the backyard. Windows are open again. Warm enough to wear shorts and sandals to work yesterday. Still waiting on the ice shelf to melt out on Lake Michigan though. A little bit of rain with a nice easterly wind will take care of that in short order. Actually it was raining/hailing when I came back from the gym tonight so we should be getting closer. Can’t come soon enough for me though as I am absolutely itching to get back on a wave (even if it’s a lake wave for the moment).

Speaking of waves, I’ve been seriously toying with the idea of purchasing a small plot of land in Nicaragua near the ocean. I say toying, because for the moment Mary is less than enthused about the idea. It’s not super cheap, but we could definitely swing it, and in terms of ocean view property near a quality surf break, you really won’t find much cheaper. Even if it is a third world country that only recently established some semblance of stability.

Oh, I also want to buy a house that looks like a barn Philomath, Oregon and a new bike. And while we’re at it, I wouldn’t mind a trip around the world, please.

5 thoughts on “Wed 14 Mar 07

  1. Dad

    I hate to tell you this, but I just took a look at the GR forecast and it looks like snow is on the way. Anyway, it’s March and it can’t last long I’m sure. How soon after the ice shelf melts can you start surfing again? Which coast of Nicaragua is the land located on?

  2. Josh Post author

    Yeah, I saw that forecast too. Luckily, the meteorologists around here are wrong 90 percent of the time. Realistically, I can surf again as soon as there’s a safe path back to the shore from the water. Figure the water temp should be pushing upwards of 36 degrees soon, if not already. That’s icicle-free temperature right there!

    The property I was looking at is on the Pacific side, about an hour SW of Managua, west of Lake Nicaragua. Interested in investing in a future travel destination? Actually there are two lots back-to-back available, but right now the best I can hope to afford is the one (and even that is a stretch).

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