Wed 21 Mar 07

Five of my last seven birthdays have been spent not at home. That’s been a surprisingly solid run. Two birthdays in Florida during spring break in college. Then, one in Africa. One in California. And one in Peru. A combination partly of timing with the spring break thing and partly with the generosity of airlines handing out flight vouchers (that seem to only get used at the very last minute – ie, March). I also had a flight booked into Vegas during one birthday week during that seven year stretch, but couldn’t find anyone willing or able to make the trip and ended up staying put in GR. That would’ve been nearly Lance Armstrong status, given that trip.

Oh well, at least this year I have thunderstorms and a full day of work to look forward to.

3 thoughts on “Wed 21 Mar 07

  1. Jordan

    Happy B-day. Yeah, you do always seem to be gone. I guess that’s my excuse for not getting you anything… yeah, that’s it.

  2. Josh Post author

    Well the clouds peeled away in the early afternoon, so I took part of the afternoon off and played outside in the backyard with the dogs. Later had dinner with Mom at Bombay Cuisine, ran the dogs at Tower Park, worked out and swam at the gym, watched some March Madness, and finished off the day by snacking on some flank steak that Mary made me. All in all not too shabby.

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