Wed 28 Mar 07

I’ve been digging LCD Soundsystem’s newest album release like nobody’s business. The Sound of Silver is ridiculously good and should be purchased immediately if you have any interest in melodic-groovy-electro music. I do have an interest in this and have been looking forward to this CD since first hearing LCD’s eponymous release in ’05. This is easily my album of the year so far. My only regret is that Pitchfork has already latched onto this one and, given LCD Soundsystem’s already proven penchant to commercialize, it’s only a matter of time until these tracks are saturating Grey’s Anatomy and Clear Channel radio.

“Someone Great” (song 4, you might remember this one from a good chunk of the Nike+ release) is probably the best song on the album, though really there aren’t any particularly glaring weaknesses. For the moment though, “All My Friends” (song 5) is winning the playlist battle on my car stereo. A song about growing up and figuring out your priorities and realizing that really all you want is to have fun and be with your friends, mistakes and all. Check out the whole album here. Go listen. Go now. Or sneak a peak below (shhh though, it probably won’t be up long – 10 MB stream).