Fri 20 Apr 07

I’ve been offered (and accepted) a job as an Environmental Planner with URS Corp at an office in Yakima, WA. It’s an entry-level position, but comes at about a 40% raise of what I am currently earning and has massive amounts of upside (future transfer options to one of their 300 worldwide offices, paid tuition, a location only two hours from Mount Rainier).

This all happened very quickly (I phone interviewed on Wednesday afternoon and was offered the job a few hours later) and I’m supposed to be out there for my first day of work in a little over two weeks. It will be another enormous transition and the process of uprooting again so soon is a little intimidating (particularly to an area which I know very little about). We are in solid shape financially though and having a job in place before this move makes a big difference. It also helps to have no current financial ties to Grand Rapids this time around and I’m pretty sure purchasing a house right from the get-go is an option (the dogs will appreciate not being cooped up in a hotel room I’m sure).

Lots of logistics still to figure out and as of today nothing is officially signed, but still most likely everything is a go.

2 thoughts on “Fri 20 Apr 07

  1. Jordan

    Congrats. Sounds like a good deal. And it’s about time you get back into a science field! Just getting that work experience should open the doors to a lot of more interesting opportunities.

  2. Josh Post author

    Thanks. Yeah, it’s one of those opportunities that I really just couldn’t turn down. I will miss being able to wear shorts and sandals to work though.

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