Sat 21 Apr 07

One possible route. Google Maps and Mapquest both tell me to take I-90 across South Dakota when I plug in Grand Rapids to Yakima, but I’ve never been to North Dakota and would like to check that one off my state list. Thus, I’m leaning toward toward turning up toward Minneapolis and then taking I-94 across. And actually when I force Google Maps to make that my route of choice the result seems to be a trip that is thirty miles shorter and also slightly less time consuming. (Click the blurry image below for the actual interactive map.) Any suggestions from those of you who have driven either of these two routes? Either way it’s thirty plus hours of solo driving.

6 thoughts on “Sat 21 Apr 07

  1. Jordan

    But you’ll miss out on the Badlands NP, Mt Rushmore, and the Corn Palace by avoiding SD! I’d go the North Dakota route.

  2. Dad

    Congratulations indeed! If you really want to see the CORN Palace as Jordan strongly suggests, you could drive through SD as far as Mitchell, then take blue highways north into North Dakota, which I’m sure would give you a strong cultural feel for the two states, unless you really feel the need to see Fargo due to the movie of the same name.

  3. Josh Post author

    Well now my interest is piqued. I may have to see what all the fuss is about this Corn Palace (it does inspire such fan comments as “a-maize-ing ear-chitecture,” ha, man that’s brilliant!). Actually I would love to make this more of a cultural and sight-seeing trip, and even if I had two extra days I probably would swing by some of those National Monuments that we all should see in our lives at some point. The problem is that my last day of work here is on a Thursday and I’m supposed to be 2200 miles West via car by Monday to start my new job. So, really, I have at best one full day in the new city to get slightly acquainted. Expediency is the name of the game of this one.

  4. Dad

    I didn’t mean to cornfuse you but the palace is worth seeing (I’ve only seen it from the outside myself). Have a great trip and I’m looking forward to the stories of your travels.

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