Thu 10 May 07

Well, barring any glitches it looks like we’ve got a new house. Our first offer was accepted late this afternoon by a seller who had been dealing with another potential buyer for about two months (bad finances). Figure the exasperation factor plays in our favor on this one. It’s a lot more money than our last house, but I think we’re in solid shape to handle it and part of our offer was that the seller would pay our closing costs (which in this case was just about five grand, yikes!) Also nice is that the last potential buyer already paid for an inspection and appraisal, so if our lender is cool with using their work then that could potentially streamline things and also save us a few hundred dollars. The house is in a nice quiet neighborhood near a school and community park (literally across the street from our back fence). So I guess quiet is relative, but quiet from traffic at least. Kind of on the edge of Yakima (Southwest corner), but should only be a four mile drive for me to work (potentially bikeable, we’ll see). Here’s a Google Map for those of you interested (it’s actually a couple of houses down from the corner, not where the google map pointer is pointing). Hopefully Mary’s drive isn’t too much further once we figure out what she’s doing. Orchards right around the corner and foothills in view.

Sorry I really should’ve taken one shot of the entire front of the house. Left side: attached two stall garage. Right side: front of house.

Neighborhood looking South and North.

View over back fence. Lots of room for chasing soccer balls around.

Kitchen (the eye sore mirrored doors are hiding a washer and drier, which seems a little strange for a kitchen, but we’ll figure something out). Living room.

That’s all for now. I do have a few pictures of the backyard and bedrooms and will post when I get a chance.

7 thoughts on “Thu 10 May 07

  1. Dad

    Congrats on the new home! I see the sun is shining and the police have already visited. I also hope to visit sometime. Reading about the trip I enjoyed your gas prices and miles driven data until I found myself calculating your mpg and price per gallon for each pit stop.

  2. Ted

    Hey Josh,
    Jullian Blake Zachary found me and conjured but memories of old college hall (ping pong, wrestling on couch pads, chucking billiard balls, snoops or what ever that game was… and an angry face shooting up from the couch without a word just a finger pointing past the unlocked door towards the hallway.) Any way, figured I’d look you up see where your adventures have taken you. Took in about two weeks and decided to write to say congrats at least. WA is beautiful country. Hope you make the most of it (I know you will). I know it’s cheesy but what can I say, not really the guy that you would confuse for a poet, but miss your doryoku. No one else i know embraces life and challenges like you. Good to know your still out there though.

    All my best


    PS cornfuse… rich

  3. Jordan

    Looks like a nice place. Plenty of green space around, judging from the google maps aerials. Congrats.

  4. Josh Post author

    Dad: Yeah actually that police car is parked right in front of the house we’re hopefully buying. The first time I walked through the house with the realtor (after getting the go ahead from the sellers realtor) the car was also parked out front and there was a closed bedroom door. So we were pretty confused what was going on. Didn’t want to barge in on someone sleeping and get shot.

    I actually was going to figure out and post the mpg for each leg, but didn’t have a calculator handy (or time to do the arithmetic). Prices were running between $3 and $3.30 a gallon. I heard there were stations in San Fransisco charging like $4.30 over the past few days. Nice thing for us is that my new employer is paying for our gas for the trip our.

    Ted: Wow, thanks for the inside joke memories. Good times! It would be fun to reunite the gang some time if we can ever make that work. That said, you’re definitely welcome out here any time with or without notice.

    Jordan: Yeah, it’s not as far out in the boonies as some of the places we looked out though. I think we’ve got a pretty good balance of privacy and convenience.

  5. joz

    Looks great, Josh. I’m just amazed at how things are working out for you! And so quickly! How soon do you think you’ll be able to move in?

  6. Blake


    I’m sorry I was a douchebag room mate 9 years ago. I always felt really bad about that.

    Take care,

    haha – p.s. – I’m glad to see you are living it up! Machu Picchu is on my list of things to see some year. I hope it was as spectacular as it looks. Cool dogs you have, also. Congratulations on the house. I’ve got a wonderful (pregnant) wife now (not the same girl as college) and new (old) house as well. Anyway, good to ‘see’ you.

  7. Josh Post author

    Nah, you were fine. Glad to hear life is swell. And yes Machu Picchu was ridiculously cool. You’re welcome out here any time as well (Ted should have my contact info).

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