Fri 11 May 07

We (or I more likely) could be moving into the house in as little as two weeks. Shouldn’t be more than three no matter what. I don’t think we could’ve imagined a better moving scenary than how this is all playing out. Here are a few shots from around Yakima.

On the top left is a picture through my front windshield about two minutes after first driving into the city (downtown area). Top right is appears to be some sort of Meijer knockoff (actually the Fred Meyer stores are quite nice out here and as much as I’ll miss shopping at Meijer this store is probably a little nicer with all the same amenities).

Bottom left is a look down 40th Ave one of the busier North/South streets on the West side (though as you can tell from the picture it really isn’t all the bad). Bottom right is a look West on Chesnut Ave at one of the many pockets of orchards within the city limits.

2 thoughts on “Fri 11 May 07

  1. joz

    Thanks for all the pictures, Josh. I’m already trying to plan a time to visit you and Mary and see it all for myself, but don’t worry,I’ll give you plenty of time to settle in first. Maybe late summer or early fall will work. Depends, of course, on my as-yet-nonexistant job. In the meantime the community garden’s all plowed up now and the farmers market has reopened so I’m content. Do you know yet when Mary and the dogs will be making the trip out there? (Is her dad okay now?)

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