Fri 8 Jun 07

A tour of our backyard trees. Our cherry tree, robust and heavy with fruit. I think the birds have been pecking at the cherries a little, but from the looks of it there will be more than enough to go around. I think some pruning is order on this guy, but that’s something I’ll probably have to read up on.

The peach tree. In a less ideal spot than the cherry, right by the fence line where it can get buffeted by winds whipping across the school field and subjected to the hands of passerbys. Still looks reasonably healthy (a bit of leaf curl in spots) and fuzzy fruit starting to grow.

Tree pictured below on the left is a crab apple, not sure what the one on the right is. Any suggestions?

Our oak tree. Stately and great for climbing. I don’t think you usually see oaks bifurcate this low to the ground (or at least I haven’t seen that many). Makes for a beautifully balanced tree (and a massive spread of acorns).

And just because, here’s a lily growing in the front yard.

2 thoughts on “Fri 8 Jun 07

  1. Jordan

    Peach tree leaf curl! I remember that.

    Need better pictures of the leaf, flower, and/or fruit to id that tree.

  2. Josh Post author

    Yeah, peach tree leaf curl, that was the first thing I thought of too when I saw the tree. Good times.

    Have not seen either fruit or flowers yet.

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