Sat 9 Jun 07

Mary and I drove up to Mount Rainier National Park yesterday afternoon. Roughly a ninety minute drive from our front door to the park entrance. Most of the park roads are closed due to massive flooding last fall, but we were able to drive in a couple of miles and were waved in for free by a bored-looking ranger manning the entrance booth. Only saw one other couple the whole time we were there. We spent a few hours hiking along the Ohanapecosh River, checking out Silver Falls, and scrambling around on boulders before heading home. Many pictures…

Here are a couple of short clips from our outing. Below left are a series of rapids and drops right above Silver Falls (they might even be part of Silver falls, not sure how waterfalls are classified). And below right is Silver Falls (main drop).

3 thoughts on “Sat 9 Jun 07

  1. Jordan

    Only 90 minutes–not bad. And so much water… I bet that doesn’t even dry up in the summer.

  2. Josh Post author

    It was great fun. It’ll be neat to continue the exploring when the roads finally open back up. I wouldn’t imagine the water dries up given how much rain Rainier gets and how much snow there is to melt up top. I want a kayak.

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