Tue 14 Aug 07

Here are a couple of pictures of me playing in Kleinman a week ago that recently appeared on the Internet (I’m in red, and no that second picture was not a foul, though I think we both ended up with some quality grass stains). These were from our first game of the tournament.

Also, good news, my digital camera has returned to me after turning up under the seat of the car I was riding in on the way down to Portland. I was kind of looking forward to an upgrade to something in the 9 megapixel range, but hey, this one is still free, or paid for at least.

5 thoughts on “Tue 14 Aug 07

  1. Malone

    Michigan football update.

    Michigan could have a Caucasian running back in the near future. Sam McGuffie, a running back out of Texas has verbally committed to Michigan. He had like 44 touchdowns and more than 3,000 yards on the ground. In a single season last year as a junior.

    Here is a YouTube highlight video (to some not-safe-for-work rap music). White boy is fast.


    There are a couple of real nice hurdles over defender’s heads. One at 3:40 is ridiculous. It looks like he steps on a defender in the back (and gives him a little kick) as he jumps over him. Maybe Carr in his infinite wisdom will try to move him to play cornerback.

  2. joz

    Glad to hear your camera’s back. You’ve been posting some beauties with it. I enjoy them.

  3. Josh Post author

    It has been pretty good to me. Just clicked its 5000th picture the last time I used it. A bit banged up (top cover smashed off when I dropped it in the Rockies and lots of sand ground into all of the gaps) but still going.

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