Sun 12 Aug 07

Weekend update. Mary, a friend, and I went for a hike yesterday in Goat Rocks Wilderness area. Up to Bear Creek Mountain to be exact. According to this site the hike was 12.8 miles with 3000+ feet of elevation gain. So, easier than the solo hike I did last weekend, but I was definitely feeling it by the end.

Mary was breaking in some new boots and ended up with massive blisters on both heels and had to cut short her hike. So that was a bit of a bummer as she missed out on some spectacular vistas from the peak. Great views of Mt Rainier, Mt Adams and all of the Goat Rocks peaks.

My digital camera is currently missing in action as of the Ultimate tournament last weekend. I don’t know if I just misplaced it somewhere or if someone walked off with it. I suspect the latter as I’m usually pretty careful with my stuff. So that stinks, but I guess it was getting close to time for an upgrade anyhow. We did take a few pictures on this hike with my friend’s camera so I’ll have to see about tracking those down in the interest of vicariousness.

Today was a little more leisurely. I’ve started to read again after being badly deprived (busyness of new city/house/job) for the last couple of months. I am determined at this point to make time for books. Everything is better when you’ve got a quality story running through your head. So, I read for a while this morning, did a little yard work, ran the dogs, and played Ultimate Frisbee this afternoon. I still feel far too pressed for time these days (hence the infrequency of website posts), but maybe that’s just what life is like when you work a professional job. Still working on finding a good balance.

2 thoughts on “Sun 12 Aug 07

  1. joz

    Sorry to hear about the camera. I’m missing peeking over your shoulder as you hike that great country. Sorry to hear about Mary’s blisters too–ouch. Glad to hear you’re making room in your life for books again though. There’s never enough time for all that’s worth reading out there, but trying to catch some of the best adds depth and breadth to our lives, yes? Balance, congruence, joy, reflection, a sensitized heart–all that and more. Good talking to you and Mary last night!

  2. Jordan

    My last pair of Vasque boots didn’t need any breaking in. A good pair of socks helps too — I’d recommend SmartWool.

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