Mon 3 Sep 07

I celebrated a day off from work by spending all morning cutting and pasting our raggedy-looking back fence. Top left, you can see the ill-advised undulations of our fence. The posts are also tilting mightily in a few places. My plan, you can see taking form top right. Basically I’m knocking out all of the boards and returning them on a level plane. This, as it always seems to turn out, is taking forever. Mainly because I’ve had to move quit a bit of dirt so far to make room for boards that drop down. Anyway, I’m now halfway done and calling it a day. Also pictured: confused dogs and blurry praying mantis.

5 thoughts on “Mon 3 Sep 07

  1. Josh Post author

    Yeah, probably, but there are places where the boards would need to be lowered anyway due to gaps at the bottom. And there are actually boards that have to be raised also. And suffering builds character.

  2. Dad

    Reminds me of the time Grandpa and I repaired a door at the Perkins house. It was dragging on the floor so we sawed off a few centimeters. When we put it back we realized we’d sawed off the top by mistake, so we had to glue it back on and then saw off the bottom.

  3. joz

    I remember that Perkins house door. Talking about character . . .
    Looks like you’re doing a great job, Josh.

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