Fri 14 Sep 07

This is a post that was probably better meant for last weekend, given that’s when I actually completed the fence project mentioned below. Oh well. I discovered in the course of my digging a likely reason why the fence undulated the way it did: gigantic roots and a layer of fist-sized rocks. After much hacking and digging though order was restored. Not perfect, but everything is definitely much sturdier. The next order of business is a re-contouring of the hilly area around our peach tree (pictured above Taylor in the picture on the left) and at some point in the coming weeks an upheaval of our scraggly looking lawn. I noticed this morning that the peach tree produced one nice-sized peach and deposited it in the dirt near it’s trunk. That’s it. One big, bird-pecked peach for the year. This is one reason for the contouring of the soil around the tree. Currently the ground slopes away dramatically and this area of the yard tends to receive very little water. Little water = paltry fruit production. Next year I’ll be providing graphic support for Roald Dahl.

2 thoughts on “Fri 14 Sep 07

  1. Jordan

    You know you could water your trees… and your lawn while you’re at it.

    What happened to your photos? Did flickr ban you for direct linking?

  2. Josh Post author

    No, I don’t think Flickr would ban the ten clicks a month I use. I’m just in the process of redoing the entire photos section, so it’s a bit of a mess to keep public right now.

    Yeah, smart guy, we started out watering the lawn, but it was pretty beat up to begin with so we just quit watering the section you see pictured above, figuring we’d have to replant anyway. The point about the peach tree is that it’s not in a good place to water. On a hill with no ground cover so the water mostly just migrates down the hill before soaking in. I’m leveling the area off right now and will probably throw a some peat moss with a border around it.

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