Sun 30 Sep 07

What a lazy weekend. We had a cloudy, drizzly weekend for a change the past few days. And I took full advantage: playing video games, wrestling with the dogs, and just doing some good quality all-around puttering. It also would’ve been a great time to knock out a few more projects around the house, but I just wasn’t feeling that. I did get out to play a little flag football on Saturday morning though and was surprised to find frost on the ground when Mary and I wandered over to the park at 8:30 in the morning. Winter’s on the prowl.

2 thoughts on “Sun 30 Sep 07

  1. Josh Post author

    White Pass is supposed to be good. About a hour from our house. Crystal Mountain (which is also within a couple hour drive) got some snow on Friday. Of course there is also a huge hill at the school by our house if any of that snow ever spills down this way (can play around with the snowboards at least).

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