Thu 18 Oct 07

When I was a Junior in High School I got violently poked (or maybe elbowed, I can’t remember) in my right eye during wrestling season and ended up getting this grotesque reddish/purplish blood spot covering much of where the white used to be. I remember people had a hard time looking me in the eye for the next month while it healed. Madame DeJong wouldn’t call on me in French class for weeks. It was spectacular.

Why do I bring this up?

Because the dogs chewed up my iPod a couple days ago and it now has a horrifically similar wound on its face. Yup, they pulled it right off the kitchen counter and then brought the fangs of fury. Not real happy about that one.

2 thoughts on “Thu 18 Oct 07

  1. joz

    Sorry to hear about the wanton destruction, Josh. Do you know who the guilty party is, or was it a group effort? Though of you this afternoon when I read a great review of the new movie of Into the Wild–sounded worth seeing. Maybe tomorrow after I take an online Greek midterm and before I start a theology paper about the suffering of God–due Wednesday. (Ever miss college days?)

  2. Josh Post author

    Nora’s usually the one who pulls stuff off the counters. Her hair was also on the iPod case, so that’s a pretty good bet. I do miss college, but not the homework.

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