Wed 7 Nov 07

Here’s a sampling of pictures from the 5-day surfing/camping trip to Hawaii over last weekend. We had generally nice weather with one crazy stretch of downpours. Waves were great (and nice enough on Sunday to kick up 14 foot waves on the North Shore for the pros to compete in – see the bottom right picture). I’ll try to write up a bit more narrative by this weekend sometime. In the meantime, feel free to check out a few more pictures on the photos page.

4 thoughts on “Wed 7 Nov 07

  1. Josh Post author

    Yeah, met up in Honolulu’s airport, rented a car, and spent the rest of the time roughing it a bit. Or roughing it as much as one can rough it in the tropics.

  2. Dad

    Just back from a week and a half up country, so have just checked out your photos for the first time. Great shots, especially the chickens.

  3. Josh Post author

    Yeah, if you can’t be surrounded by two dozen chickens every night while you eat in Hawaii I don’t know where you can. We kept waiting for one to trip into the fire, but I guess chickens don’t trip very often.

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