Sat 10 Nov 07

I’ve been gathering sickness since yesterday morning. You know how an lcd screen looks when you poke it? Well my skin feels the way that looks if you imagine the colors representing different levels of tingling and coldness when the skin is touched. Also my throat is clenching shut and when I cough to free my vocal chords a throbbing headaches pulsates through my jaw and into my temples. When I do try to talk I sound roughly equivalent to a car tire rolling down a gravel road. Some sort of Hawaiian Plague.

Other than that though, my weekend is going swimmingly. Beautiful sunny fall day today. We had a fairly hearty rain last night that removed at least half of the remaining leaves from our Oak tree. Mary and I built piles of leaves for the dogs to scamper around in and Taylor resumed her puppy ways of barking at and attacking the moving rake. We ran the dogs at the park in the morning, made a library and grocery run before lunch, then spent the afternoon reading, watching college football, and pandering to our dogs Frisbee-catching needs.

4 thoughts on “Sat 10 Nov 07

  1. Josh Post author

    Yeah, it’s fun because it only happens once a year. So you can kind of look forward to it like you would any festive annual tradition. Unlike shoveling snow in W. Michigan which happens many more times than once a year.

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