Mon 4 Feb 08

I know I’m supposed to root for the underdog, especially if I have no legitimate ties to either team, but I love the dynasty too much. I love watching something that feels historic. Something that will catch your eye in a sports almanac and you’ll go “oh yeah, I remember watching that.” I still remember stumbling downstairs at our house on Alto Street, foggy and sleepy-eyed after my dad woke me up, to watch Kirk Gibson’s walk-off home run in Game 1 on the 1988 World Series. Historic.

Now the Patriots are just 18-1 and we have to put up with more 1972 Dolphin players cracking open champagne stories. Oh, and sports stories that include the phrase “someone forgot to inform the Giants.” Thanks a lot Eli. Besides, it’s hard to enjoy rooting for anything from New York, underdog or not. Thankfully, I have plenty of delicious Mary-made seven-layer dip to wipe away that bitter taste in my mouth (my side is the side without olives, mmm).

2 thoughts on “Mon 4 Feb 08

  1. Jordan

    I think that’s the best picture you’ve ever taken. Although I’d go for the olive side myself.

    But yea, I was pulling for the Patriots also, for the same reason and because Brady’s a Michigan guy.

  2. Josh Post author

    Thanks. It is a colorful picture. I’ve got a few mountain peak photos that’d probably give it a run for best pic though.

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