Tue 5 Feb 08

I’ve been lusting over this bike for the past six months. And for the past six months I’ve been making up excuses not to buy it. For the past few weeks, Woodstock has been running a year-end sale on their bikes and I’ve been loading up an order almost daily, but haven’t quite been able to pull the trigger and hit that “confirm order” button. Yesterday, for the first time, they dropped the price on one of their demo bikes by fifty bucks (putting the price tag at $100 off of full price) and I ran out of excuses. Order confirmed! I’m pretty excited, even though I’ll probably have to wait a week for it to show up in the mail and then probably another month for the weather to warm enough for longer rides. Click the picture below for a close-up of the actual bike.

8 thoughts on “Tue 5 Feb 08

  1. Josh Post author

    Of course you’ll probably be able to get outside long before I do. Or is it still snowing there?

  2. Dad

    I hope your weather warms up a bit over the next few months. We are still looking at late May for coming out your way. Looks like I should come with a bicycle. We can buy Chinese made ones here for $60 or so – used ones slightly cheaper but then you have to clean off all of that blood.

  3. David

    But how long will it take for you to put the bike together? Especially if Taylor eats a couple small, important pieces?

  4. Josh Post author

    I never knew I could find humor in a blood-stained bike mental picture. That one made me laugh though.

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