Fri 22 Feb 08

These pictures were from a couple of days ago. I was talking with a co-worker and he mentioned that deer, bald/golden eagles, and big horn sheep are everywhere in the hills up near Tieton this time of year. Good enough excuse for a hike for me. Beautiful sunny day. Still knee-deep snow in shady spots (I was hiking in shorts and continually shredded my shins punching through the ice crust) and lots of muck in the sunny areas, but it was great to get a natural workout again. True enough, there were tons of deer and sheep, none of whom would let me get any nearer than a ridge close to them. Didn’t see any eagles. I took a few pictures that predictably turned out showing the animals as tiny spots (see top left pic below), so I packed up the camera and enjoyed running around a wide open landscape by myself with the wildlife.

2 thoughts on “Fri 22 Feb 08

  1. joz

    Pretty cool to have so much wildlife nearby. I still get excited about bunnies or raccoons in the yard.

  2. Josh Post author

    I get excited now when I see a squirrel. We don’t have many of those around here and most of them seem to be gray squirrels.

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