Wed 5 Mar 08

It’s still so strange to me to power through the end of February and into March with day after day of sunshine and temps in the upper 50s. The lawn is already starting to green up and we’ve got six inches of tulips poking out of the ground in front of our house. This past weekend we reunited the local Ultimate Frisbee crew and played a rousing 7 on 7 game for a couple of hours at Franklin Park. Blues skies, chirping birds. Mount Adams and Rainier have begun making regular appearances on the horizon again.

And I’m starting to get very restless of after a winter of sitting at a desk. This isn’t my long-term lifestyle. I mean it’s slightly fun to be making enough money to actually have a chicken scratch 401k, but that road of enjoying money management and obsessing over mutual funds isn’t a road I’m quite ready to head down. Maybe retirement-aged-me will look back and be annoyed at can’t-buckle-down-and-handle-your-responsibilities-me, but I hope he remembers how much more enjoyable life is/was when you live a flexible lifestyle and keep things simple. I don’t mind working or working hard, I just don’t like working hard for something I don’t care about. One of these years I’ll figure out something I’m interested in doing. In the meantime, I’m pretty sure I’ll make it through the summer, but I’m also definitely keeping my eyes open for other job options.