Sun 9 Mar 08

Spring is definitely here in full force. Sunny and temps in the 60s most of the day yesterday. We opened all the windows in the afternoon to waft out that stagnant winter air, then took the dogs for a hike in the hills near Rimrock. Still patches of snow in the shadow-covered valleys and nooks, but for the most part we had dry footing throughout the outing.

And the dogs went ballistic. It was so much fun to watch them run up and down the slopes, sniffing elk trails, chasing dislodged rocks, and bouncing over fallen trees. Nora especially seemed a bit overstimulated as she catapulted after every clump of avalanching dirt or rock, sometimes chasing a rock 150 feet downhill before running back up to us.

They all mellowed out nicely on the ride home though and slept like stones. I’m getting excited for more snow melt to start getting back into real mountains this summer.

5 thoughts on “Sun 9 Mar 08

  1. Josh Post author

    Well, of course. Anything over 40 and sunny is shorts weather after winter. Though our legs did get a bit nicked up by twigs and thorns as we bushwhacked in places.

  2. Jordan

    That’s the reason I can never wear shorts even though it’s often 90+. I hardly ever use trails.

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