Sat 22 Mar 08

A good lazy day. The dogs woke me at about 7 this morning, blissfully unaware of the weekend sleep-in etiquette. So off we went for a run in the park, chasing sticks and barking at ducks. Later, I worked out at the gym, picked up a few books from the library, and watched some NCAA Tourney at home while the dogs lazed around in the dirt outside and Mary headed up some sort of training at her job.

This afternoon we ran over to Home Depot with the intention of picking up some backerboard and additional mortar for the kitchen tile, but got sidetracked when we walked through the hardwood flooring section. Hmm, bamboo flooring? Just locks in place over a moisture barrier, you say? No mortar, no cutting tile?

So we bought 200 square feet of it. After getting home we actually did a little more research and I think we’ve decided that’s it’s a bit too likely that the dog’s nails will gouge the bamboo to ribbons (much like they did our oak floors in GR). So, it’ll be back to Home Depot soon. Kind of shame, I think a bamboo-floored kitchen would’ve looked awfully sharp.

2 thoughts on “Sat 22 Mar 08

  1. Josh Post author

    Nothing too exciting, but not being at work is plenty celebratory for me. And I ignored the kitchen all day.

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